Some of the most common Health and Medical conditions and how chiropractic care can help:


Allergies are exaggerated immune responses to allergens that typically are not harmful. If your immune system is overactive, your body will react to allergens similar to how it would treat harmful bacteria or viruses. Chiropractic care can help to optimize and maintaining a healthy immune system throughout life.


Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. When the cartilage in your body is lacking, your bones rub together, making it painful for you to use that particular joint. Chiropractic care looks to realign the spinal bones to normalize the neurological response. This process naturally boosts the healing response needed to treat arthritis.


Diabetes is the presence of constant high blood sugar levels. When your body stops producing enough insulin or the cells stop responding to the insulin, the amount of sugar in your blood is elevated. Chiropractic care looks to boost and normalize how your body responds to stress, which can naturally lower blood sugar levels.


Fibromyalgia is constant, chronic aches and pains all over your body that include fatigue, headaches, anxiety, poor sleep, neck pain, back pain, numbness / tingling in hands and feet, and more. Specific spinal corrections take pressure off your nerves, reduce pain, and promote healing throughout the body. A specific nutritional and physical activity program will help facilitate your body’s natural detoxification systems and help eliminate the condition.


A headache involves the nerves in the body. Pain is transmitted through the nerves and wherever the nerves go. Abnormal position of your spinal bones is the primary cause of irritation and inflammation to the nerves in your head, neck, and shoulders. Specific spinal corrections will realign the spine and take pressure off the nerves that cause your headaches.

Heart Disease

Heart disease occurs when plaque accumulates in the walls and arteries of your heart. Plaque continues to build upon itself until blood can longer flow to or from the heart through the affected passage. Chiropractic care that includes lifestyle modification will provide your body with an ideal healing response and enable your body to naturally fight the plaque that causes heart disease.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the flow of blood through your arteries applies excess pressure to the artery walls that leads to heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. Chiropractic care looks to naturally improve neurological input and provide simple, sustainable lifestyle programs that will naturally lower one’s blood pressure without medication.


Hypoglycemia is a low level of sugar in the blood. If your body uses up the sugar in your blood too quickly or your pancreas secretes an excess amount of insulin, you may be hypoglycemic. Chiropractic care looks to normalize this response and provide lasting lifestyle solutions to naturally balance blood sugar and insulin levels throughout life.


Obesity is the condition of having too much body fat. It can be caused by overeating and lack of activity but also commonly involves toxicity and hormone imbalances. Chiropractic provides simple, sustainable programs that address nutrition, exercise, toxicity, and the neurology that contribute to a healthy hormone response.


Osteoporosis is the thinning and weakening of the bones in your body. Bones lose density due to hormonal imbalance and nutrient deficiency. Chiropractic care will help balance hormones, improve how the body responds to stress, and facilitate healing.

Thyroid Conditions

Hypothyroidism—the more common of the two conditions—occurs when your thyroid is too inactive. Hyperthyroidism is the condition resulting from an overactive thyroid gland. Chiropractic care specifically addresses the health of the nerves and the lifestyle factors that inhibit the proper production of thyroid hormones.


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