Chiropractic treatment saves money on healthcare

With costs rising at an alarming rate and salaries steadily shrinking, people are looking for ways to trim costs. Unfortunately, many people find themselves scaling back on healthcare. But there is good news for patients with chiropractic issues.

Seeing a chiropractor instead of a medical doctor could save you hundreds and alleviate pain without invasive procedures. If you visit the doctor for chiropractic problems, chances are that you will have to undergo extensive testing. These tests are very expensive, and in the end can cost a tremendous amount of money. chiropractic care saves money

The alternative

Because many chiropractic treatments are holistic in nature, they are less expensive and don’t require invasive procedures that drain you of money and time. However, they are very effective, and many patients are seeking chiropractic treatment as an alternative to medical treatments. As a whole, chiropractic treatments are more holistic than medical treatments in the sense that they don’t require intense procedures that are both painful and time consuming.

Many patients who at one time went straight to a doctor are now seeking chiropractic help for these reasons. According to, a blog devoted to chiropractic issues, chiropractic care is 40 percent cheaper than treatments from a medical doctor. This data was concluded by a study conducted by Blue Cross Blue Shield beneficiaries. A trip to a primary care practitioner can cost upward of $65.00. Additional visits and treatments can amount to thousands of dollars in medical costs.


According to Dr. Steven Read, an author on, one benefit of receiving chiropractic as opposed to medical treatment is the fact that no prescriptions are involved. Chiropractic treatments are equally as effective as medical treatments, with one minor exception: the approach is not as intense, and costly insurance plans are not always needed.

The average chiropractic visit, according to Read, costs about $65.00. The price varies depending on the duration of the visit and the extent of care that is required. A visit to a medical doctor can cost as much as $300.00. That’s not counting any prescriptions or additional tests that may be needed. To get the same treatment from a medical doctor, you could spend in the thousands, often without the assurance of seeing positive results.

As opposed to providing natural pain relief, doctors most often prescribe drugs that cause dependency. Once you stop taking a prescription, the pain returns, and patients are left looking for something else to dull the pain. This type of dependency keeps many patients going back to the doctor, according to Read.

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