Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation for Treatment of Back Pain and Neck Pain

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are the most common conditions which warrant a visit to a chiropractor. These may be a result of traumatic accidents which have caused sudden impact on those areas or from the wear and tear due to everyday use. Unrelenting back and neck pain can inhibit productivity and may cause permanent damage if left untreated.

Our main purpose is to treat neuromusculoskeletal imbalances in a non- medical and non- surgical approach. We firmly believe that chiropractic is the best alternative treatment to conventional medicine that can provide immediate pain relief in a safe, non- invasive method.

We first begin by obtaining a thorough medical history and physical examinations of the patient. Sometimes, we may request diagnostic procedures in order to identify a proper treatment modality that is customized specifically for your needs. In the course of it all, however, we promote client participation in order to ensure that you are comfortable with all the procedures and that your expectations are met.

Chiropractic Treatment

We particularly center on the spine, which has a self- healing attribute when maintained in proper alignment. When there’s internal pressure within the muscles, tissues, and nerves surrounding the spine, it can cause medical problems which can be bothersome and even life- threatening. Our chiropractors employ hands- on spinal manipulation to relieve pressure and restore the spine in its proper structure, increasing range of motion and alleviating pain.

We may also utilize other equipment as needed, such as traction and electrical stimulation which aim to further reduce back pain and inflammation. We will also recommend individual exercises which can strengthen the under- active muscles and reduce the tightness of overused muscles, maintaining musculoskeletal balance. In addition, when pelvic instability is noted, corrective arch supports may be prescribed.

We would also like to stress out the importance of proper body mechanics. Usually, back and neck pain may be caused by poor posture and prolonged sitting which can both put continuous pressure in the spine. Sometimes though, what influences this factor is the patient’s job or hobby. Our goal is for the patient to achieve long- term adherence in order to prevent recurrence of pain. We will formulate a plan of action that should be observed at home or at the workplace to reduce the pressure within the spine to a minimum.


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